Amazing Grass Green Superfood is produced by the traditional supplement company called Amazing Grass. Designed to provide the body with the phytonutrients that come from superfood fruits and vegetables, Amazing Grass Green Superfood contains over a dozen plant-based ingredients per serving. This Amazing Grass review will help you determine if this is the right product for you.

This popular health food product is sold online as well as in stores. Because of its popularity, there are many reviews of Amazing Grass Green Superfood. Being honest and transparent as always, I can say that AGGS contains the appropriate ingredient list and robust nutritional panel it needs to support its benefits claims. It could also use a few improvements.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

The nutritional buffet of AGGS includes probiotics, digestive enzymes, added fiber and a panel of antioxidants. This combination of ingredients gives Amazing Grass an excellent and very comprehensive menu of health boosters. That’s not all AGGS offers.

The superfood ingredients are a smorgasbord of fresh grasses, algae and vegetables including the following: wheat grass, broccoli, barley grass, spinach, spirulina, alfalfa, and chlorella, in a respectable ‘per serving’ amount of six grams of produce. AGGS is a great option for your morning green smoothie refresher.

Amazing Grass has excellent product presentation and marketing as a company. That being said, AGGS’s ingredients are listed in a combined/large label that is a slight disappointment for several reasons. Though common among green drinks, we prefer to know precisely what we’re getting regarding amounts of each ingredient. Combining everything together allows Amazing Grass to list ingredients that are present only in trace amounts.

Amazing Grass review of taste and value

If you are only now trying the benefits of green smoothies and this is your first drink, you will need to combine AGGS with your favorite yogurt or fruit/juice because the grassy taste is adamant for a newbie. It also has a rather gritty texture. Once you have become a green smoothie regular and acquire the taste for them, you will probably adjust to the very organic, earthy combo of grit and grass.

When the ingredients included, and the servings per container are broken down, the cost for AGGS comes to approximately $1 for each meal. This is truly a great price. At $29.99 for a 30-serving container, AGGS is an excellent choice for your daily smoothie routine. Remember, though, that while the ‘per serving’ cost is low, the potencies are significantly decreased also. Other products include superfoods in weightier amounts of grams provided.

Amazing Grass’ taste ranks it below where its ingredients should list it when compared to other green drinks. It is backed by a highly trusted and well-known, reputable company and continues to do well. With a better taste and some improvement in including heftier nutritional gram weights, this excellent product would excel. Overall, Amazing Grass Green Superfood is a very good choice for your morning green drink that will help you have a healthier life.