What to avoid when buying skin whitening products



Skin whitening products became very popular as many people are searching for the best ways to get a brighter skin complexion. Although most whitening skin care products are safe, care should be taken to avoid using skin products that can irritate your skin.

Whitening products

jhdhd8744Skin whitening creams achieve a lighter skin color by inhibiting production of melanin that is produced by the melanocytes. The amount of melanin present in your skin determines the color of your skin, and the production of melanin is mainly determined by genetics and exposure to the sun. Melanin protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and people who lack enough melanin on their skin suffer a number of skin pigmentation-related problems such as melasma, facial sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and scarring as well as discolored skin patches.

What to avoid when buying skin whitening products

Some skin whitening products in the market employ hydroquinone to inhibit production of melanin and make the skin to become lighter. However, the two elements are dangerous chemicals that are considered toxic to the human body and should be avoided.


Hydroquinone is a very powerful toxic product that is used in photo processing. Using this chemical for a long time can result in a thicker collagen fiber and damage the connective tissue resulting in a rough skin.


Mercury is also a dangerous chemical that is poisonous to the skin and is also carcinogenic. When used regularly, the chemical accumulates in the skin cells turning the natural pigmentation to gray and blue pigmentation. If used for a long time, mercury can damage some organs on the skin completely leading to liver and kidney failure in the long run.

Safe products

dhdd84While looking for the skin whitening products, it is vital to avoid these products with these products as it can lead to pigmentation and premature aging. Although skin whitening cream with these products seems to be more effective, there are other natural skin whitening solutions that can achieve the same solution without causing devastating side effects.

The natural based whitening products include arbutin, kojic acid, and liquorice extract. Aburtin can be found in bearberry extract, kojic acid comes from a type of mushroom used in treating melasma, while Giga white is sourced from seven alpine plant extract, which includes mallow plant, primula, and Veris. Natural products such are safer than chemical products, and while looking for the best anal bleaching cream, it is always important to avoid chemicals as it damages your skin.